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a man loving up his woman
a man loving up his woman

Men are different from women. Men a simple creatures. It doesn’t take much to make a man happy. A man basically needs three things from his woman which are support, loyalty and sex!


Men need to feel important even when they are not. Things are hard these days. There are a few resources for so many people and competition is high out there. When a man comes home he expects his woman, wife or girlfriend to encourage him even if he doesn’t bring home the bread. But most women theses days will complain about the little their men gives them because they want to be better than their friends. A woman who appreciates the little her man gives her, will eventually get more from him when the going gets good. When the man discovers that his woman appreciates the little he gives her and makes him feel good about it, even if the item is little, he will do more to give her more and show his appreciation and love. Men are proud. So ladies, if the little your man is not enough, make him feel good. If he gives you N1,000 when you need N3,000, appreciate him and let him know how grateful you are. Believe you me, he will make show he gives you more than the remaining money the next day before he allows you to look for another man to give it to you.


A man needs his woman to be loyal to him and only him. Women also need their men to be loyal to them but you see, our loyalty is different from yours. A woman won’t take it likely when her man cheats on her. Some men cheat on their women because the other woman has more money but the main reason a man cheats on his woman is sex. Women cheat on men because the man might not or in fact can not meet their needs and then they go after they go after men who can. A woman can also be with a man who is wealthy but will cheat on him if he can not sexually satisfy her. More than 70 percent of women will cheat on their men if they are not well to do. Only 30 percent of women would cheat on their men if they are not sexually satisfied by their men. So we need a woman who will not abandon us even if we are broke or not well hung like mandigo or king kong.

  • SEX.

All men like sex. Even priests! Any man who says sex is not important in a relationship, is a god damn liar. Sex might not be important to you women because you think the man wants to take you for a ride but it is really important. Sex is important to women too but again it is not the same way it is to men as it is to women. We want sex most of the time, while women want it from a guy who might be well hung or a man who can hit their g-spot like crazy and make them cum and cum every damn minute. Some women deny their men sex because they might have had a hard day at work and home. Don’t deny your man sex, he might foolishly look for another woman who would give it to him immediately. And if you are a man that does this kind of thing, stop it and help your woman in doing her chores and she will be more than willing to give it to you. Sex is a spiritual thing and I don’t mean it in a religious way. It is the best way to bond with a man or woman.

So if you are a woman and you desire a man, you need to give him these three things and if you don’t, believe you me, he will leave you for another woman. If a woman gives me these three things, especially when I come back from a hard days work which might not be so fruitful, I will be ready to go out there and fight the most difficult battles until I win.

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