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The Christmas holiday period is upon us again. Most of us who have been saving our hard earned money all through the year would use most of it to travel down to our villages to see the same people we see every year end. Don’t you think this is the most boring thing we do all year round? Why don’t you spice up your vacation by going to some where you have never been before or do something you have never dared doing in your life(please not the harmful one!).

You can take a vacation to someplace relaxing like a hotel in calabar. Remember the have this famous calabar carnival they do every by the end of the year. You can go partying, sightseeing, visit the beach or take a walk in a game or forest reserve.

Are you in a relationship, newly married, or you are having a strain in your relationship, this is the best period for you to strengthen your relationship and maybe make one or two babies you know (winks). But you need an exquisite environment to be alone and not the usual spot you guys shared all year long. If you have kids, you can travel with them too and have family bonding. It’s spiritual and fulfilling. Yeah I know money might be the problem here but I promise you that I am gonna make a research to help you make the best and most affordable choices this coming holidays.

Happy holidays in advance people!

Cheta Okorafor

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