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infidelity is gross!
infidelity is gross!

Men cheat on their women because they want to!  It all boils down to sex. Men do not view sex the same way women do. Women view sexual intercourse as an emotion…… act of love. That’s understandable, considering the fact that you have to lie back and allow a foreign body to enter your body. You have been taught all your life that you only let that kind of deeply intimate moment happen with someone who really means something to you. Men don’t think that way. It’s very easy for a man to have sex, go home, wash it off with soap and water and act like what he just did never happened. Sex can be a purely physical act for us and love has nothing to do with it.

A man can love his wife, his children, his home and the life that they have all built together and have an incredible physical connection to her and still get some sex from another woman without a second thought about it, because sex with the “other” woman, meant nothing to him. He might have felt good at the moment but his heart is with his wife.

Men love sex. All men love sex. Even priests who have professed celibacy, with their manhood’s are still intact. But when a woman denies her man sex, her man will definitely go out to have “some”. You might be tired from work and expect the man to understand that you are tired and keep off from you, especially when you have to do the cooking, feed the family and do the dishes and he comes honking next to you with his erect penis, asking for “some” and you shuuuu him off. He will try to feel better immediately and he will look for that woman that will give him what he wants, if he can’t get it from you.

Most men will cheat on you if he thinks he can get away with it and do everything to make sure you don’t know that he is cheating on you. The man, who doesn’t really care a damn about you, will make sure you know and dare you in your face. Men are defined by who they are what they do and how much we make and if they haven’t gotten to where they want to be, being committed to a woman is completely out of the question. A man might also be married and committed to a woman and have a family and as long as he isn’t right with God, he will cheat on his wife. Being right with God will establish that moral code that will keep him to his wife. As long as that moral code isn’t there, he will be tempted and he will fall.

A man will cheat on his woman, when he discovers that the spark that brought them together is no longer there. Women change when children come along but I don’t think that is necessary. Even when the kids come you don’t need to stop living your life. If you are always protective of your kids, they will become dependent. You don’t need to take of your kids and forget to buy a roll on or perfume, or new clothes and shoes, or have dinner in a fancy restaurant with your man. You need to spice your relationship every second, every minute, ever hour and every day. I am not just talking about the ladies here. Men do neglect themselves too. When the spark is gone, couples tend to cheat on each other.

If there is a lot of argument in the house too, that spark can disappear also. I know a well to do family man who spends most of his time outside the house because his wife never gives him a breathing space at home. He spends time with the guys and you know when some irresponsible men are together, they tend to be adventurous and they can persuade your man to go “have some fun”!

Lastly and very importantly, men will always cheat on their women because the “other” woman is always willing to cheat with him. Men can cheat because there are so many women willing to give themselves to a man who doesn’t belong to them. Some women don’t know that the man they are sleeping with is married but majority of them know.

The greatest mistake a woman will ever do is to confront the “other” woman. The moment you do that, you have lost your self-prestige in the eyes of your man. Do you want to get even with your man? You can simply do this by setting a standard with him. You can either walk out of the relationship or marriage or forgive him and stay in the relationship/marriage and warn him seriously that if it happens again you walk out the door. But you need to set these standards before you enter into the relationship/marriage. When you walk out of the relationship with the kids, he will feel miserable. Some irresponsible men, would hurt you if you do that. Some men will be genuinely miserable and do everything to win you back.

Finally, never fight or confront your man or the “other” woman if you know he cheated on you. Just walk out on him. You have a lot in your life to deal with a man who is unfaithful to you.


  1. So wait – what you’re saying is “all men will cheat on their wives, unless they have God who has established a moral code in him” and, “he still loves you even if he cheats on you, unless he’s a fuckhead and flaunts the cheating”, but “if he cheats on you leave his ass because you have enough on your plate already.” My question – Why leave the man who loves you just because he cheated on you if all men are going to cheat on you anyway? There are more guys out there that don’t have God to establish a moral code than there are that do…so you’re likely to just run into the same thing over and over again. That’s right, ladies – we should just all become lesbians. At least we won’t cheat on each other….LMAO

      1. I’m the woman who caught her man and decided to stay, so I get it. It wasn’t a one time thing. He’s apparently used several women. The fact comes down to it that he likes some really awful torture sex and he didn’t want to do that to me…so he used and abused a few whores that would….LOL Doesn’t make it right, but it makes me feel better that they got what they deserved for sleeping with a married man. And he has to deal with the repercussions of me never trusting him ever again and being forever broken from what he did to me. But he wants to stay married because he loves me, so there it is.

        1. Oh, so sorry for the infidelity. Sounds like 50 shades of grey. I wonder why guys like torture sex. It makes no sense. Sex ought to be mutual thing. It is well. Thanks for sharing with me. I am honoured.

          1. It’s okay, it’s been over a year. Idk why guys like the torture sex. Do they all like it? Idk….they let him treat them that way, so, honestly, it’s their own damn faults. I put up with a little rough sex because I know he loves me and if that keeps him faithful, then that’s okay. They just did it to feel good about themselves..shameless hoes and they probably felt worse afterwards. Guess they got what they deserved. Shouldn’t sleep with married men.

  2. I think the only thing a married woman should do is to provide for her husband all that he is looking after in another woman.

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