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trying to keep up with the khardasians
trying to keep up with the khardasians

I have tried putting my head around writing about this deranged family. Yes, this family is deranged. The fami ly came into limelight when their late father, Robert Kardashian (1944-2003) defended O.J Simpson for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman during a lengthy trial, in 1994. Robert Kardashian and Kristen Mary “Kris” Houghton married in 1978, and had four children together, daughters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, and son Rob. The couple divorced in 1991. In 1991, Kris married retired Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner now known as Caitlyn Jenner after undergoing a gender transition in 2015. Caitlyn and Kris had two daughters together, Kendall and Kylie. Robert died in 2003 eight weeks after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. The Kardashian sisters later started appearing in the media spotlight more often; in 2004, Kim became a personal stylist to recording artist Brandy Norwood; she eventually developed into a full-time stylist, and was a personal shopper and stylist to actress Lindsay Lohan. Khloé, Kim and Kourtney further ventured into fashion, opening a high fashion boutique Dash in Calabasas, California. Throughout Kim’s early career, she involved herself in some high-profile relationships including Norwood’s brother, rapper Ray J, and later, singer Nick Lachey. In 2006, Kourtney starred in her first reality television series, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. In February 2007, a home sex video that Kim made with Ray J years earlier was leaked. Vivid Entertainment bought the rights for US$1 million and released the film as Kim Kardashian: Superstar on February 21. Kim sued Vivid for ownership of the tape, but dropped the suit in April 2007 and settled with Vivid Entertainment for US$5 million. It is often assumed that the release of the sex tape played a large part towards the rising fame of Kim Kardashian as well as her family altogether.

Now my take on this family is simple. I love them but some of their actions piss me off a bit. I haven’t watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians for a long time becuase the program makes no sense to me. How can I sit down for hours watching a family live their lives. Does it mean I don’t have a life or my own lifestyle, Pleaseeeeee?! Now I read about them. I hear Khloe Khardashian has her own t.v show ans she’s putting up with her ex-husband, Lamar Odom,whom she revoked their divorce with after he was taken to hospital after collapsing with an overdose of drugs in a brothel. Her new boo, the Houston Rockets, James Harden doesn’t want to put up with that. Kourtney has broken up with her alcohol addicted boy friend and father of her kids, Scott Dissick. Rob was said to be diabetic and is now hitting the gym to get back in shape. He is now dating Blac Chyna, the baby mama to hip hop artiste, Tyga who has an on and off relationship with Kylie Jenner. Kim Khardashian, whose sex tape brought the family to fame, is married to Kanye West and has two kids for him. Kris Jenner, there mother, is dating a black man far younger than her, while Bruce Jenner decided to be a transsexual and now goes by the name Caitlyn Jenner. We don’t know much about Kendall Jenner because she maybe have refused to showcase her lifestyle to people to see but she is a model.

Na wah o! This family sef! Una own don too much! Other families dey exist! No be only una!

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