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a man who truly respects and adores his lady.
a man who truly respects and adores his lady.

There has been a lot of stories making the rounds of men physically molesting their wives and some killing them. A man has also been murdered by his wife too. Ladies also complain about the negative ways men treat them or cheat them. Men and women need to set standards or boundaries for themselves so that the person they are dating respects them and not take them for granted.

Ladies, you need to have requirements and standards for your dream man in order to make the relationship work for you. We all need a monogamous relationship (some men can afford to have a polygamous relationship). We need a partnership with the opposite sex who want to be a dedicated husband and father or wife and mother. Most women desire their men to be be faithful, God fearing and willing to do what it takes to keep their family together. Women also need men who can treat them like a lady, every time. They want men who can open doors for them, pull out their seats when they are ready to sit at the table, remembering all anniversaries and birthdays and keeping the foul talk to a minimum. These requirements are important to ladies because they determine how they would be treated by their men and they are also important to men because it shows men what they need to do to make sure the women in their lives gets want they need and want.

Men can not accomplish this mission for you without your help. Men can not imagine what it is a woman needs and want because a woman’s needs and wants are different from woman to woman like the winds of change. Men are very simple, logical people. If a man is interested in having a serious relationship with you, they will go out of their way yo live up to your expectations. When you set requirements and standards for your man, you give him a road map on how he needs to conduct himself around you, especially if he is truly interested in having a relationship with you.

But the manner in which you let your man know about your requirements and standards is important because you might say it in a rude manner and he gets upset with you. There are nice ways to let your man know this and I will let you know how in my next write up. Have a lovely weekend people.

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