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The manner a lady talks to her man, will determine how he respects you. If you talk in a manner that insults him, he won’t respect you. In fact, he will treat you like trash. Your man will think that you are an angry, crazy woman and that your family is too. But if you let him know what you think in a nice and humble way, he will know you are one of those girls, sweet, responsible and family oriented. If he is a man who shares your belief in the importance of family, he is going to keep talking to you and listen for more of your standards.

Here are a few examples on how you can let your man know your requirements and standards in a humble manner.

  • If your man shows up late for an appointment or date with you, don’t tell him you can’t stand a man who doesn’t keep up with time, rather let him know how you go out of your busy schedule to keep up to time and how you would make a phone call to let that person know why you can’t keep up to time. Your man will how not to keep you waiting on him.
  • Don’t pick up a fight with your man if he is cheats on you or sleeps with other women. I know this can be hard but try and let him know how honest you would be with him, in letting him know that you feel like seeing other people besides him, so that he can decide if he wants to continue the relationship as it is or date him alone. it helps you to make intelligent, rational decisions about how to deal with the situation if he is interested in seeing other women and how important it is for both of you to discuss your relationship whenever you have a problem.
  • If your man is that type of person who refuses to go to church on Sundays or who is not religious as you are, you don’t need to take it out on him. All you need to do is to let him know how Sundays are the best days of the week for you and that you are a God – fearing, church going woman and how you take your faith seriously. You need to learn how he feels about religion and spirituality.

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Got the picture? Now you have given us what we think is valuable information about the woman we are interested in, but more importantly, you have told us what your standards are in a humble way.

You need to let your man show you what he is made of, to prove that he is worthy of your time. You do not need to tell him what you expect from your man all at once and not giving him the chance to show you what he is willing to do for you. If you tell your man what you expect from him all at once, be sure not to expect more from him except the things you have just told him. Then you will start complaining about your man to your girlfriends about how he has stopped loving you. Instead of telling him what you like, tell him what you do not like and then see how he responds. Let him research and dig and figure out how to get to your sweet spot.

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To let your man know about your requirements for a man and the importance of following those requirements, you must figure out what, exactly your requirements are. These questions can help you determine what your requirements for your dream man are:

  1. What type of man are you looking for? (e.g funny, hardworking, generous, kind).
  2. How do you expect to be pursued? (e.g regular phone calls, text messages, chats, dating).
  3. What level of commitment do you expect? (e.g open relationship, dating exclusively).
  4. What kind of financial security do you expect him to have? (e.g wealthy, earning more than you, you don’t care).
  5. Do you want a man who wants kids and is family oriented?
  6. Does he have to be religious/spiritual?
  7. Do you mind if he is a divorcee or has kids?
  8. Can you help a man build his dream? Can you adapt to his plan?
  9. What do you expect of his family? Can you get along with his mum? Does he care if you get along with his mum?
  10. What should he be willing to do to woo you? (e.g pursue you, buy you expensive gifts).


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