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PSquare: when they group were still together.
PSquare: when they group were still together.

The twin act known as P-Square have finally separated. Peter is now known by the name of Mr. P and Paul is now also known as Rude Boy. Most of their fans are sad, but everything, including life must come to an end. Nobody knew that Michael Jackson could have a different career from the Jackson 5 which was made up of Michael himself and 4 of his older brothers. Michael Jackson turned out to be the worlds greatest pop music artist. Bobby Brown left the group New Edition to pursue his career and so did other members of his group. The group Destiny’s Child broke up and its members are stars today.

Paul Okoye
Paul “Rude Boy” Okoye

I don’t see anything wrong with the break up of the group. They have their own families now and so that will definitely affect their relationship as twin brothers and business partners. I think its time they pursued different careers to see how far they would come as individuals. Even brothers and sisters have different ambitions and they have the right to pursue them.

Peter "Mr. P" Okoye
Peter “Mr. P” Okoye

Nigerians should give them a break and let things be. Success on your different careers PSquare. You gave us a treat when you guys were a team. Let’s see if you guys can give us more now that you guys ain’t longer a team. While the former governor of Anambra State tries to “reconcile”  the group, it’s best to leave them alone as separate artists or entertainers.

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