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Lagos by night from the air
Lagos by night from the air

Oh yes, I just had my first flight experience and there ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. It was quite unique and I overcame my phobia for flying or travelling by air. Now I’m more interested in travelling and seeing what it’s like in other cities and countries.

I travelled on an official duty with my superior to Bayelsa and our flight was for 3pm from Lagos to Port Harcourt. Our flight was delayed till 7pm. Our flight was by Arik Airlines. We boarded a bombardier jet and after all the security details mentioned to us, we took off for Port Harcourt. It was a smooth take off. Lagos was a beautiful sight from the air. I think Governor Ambode has done well by lighting up Lagos roads. And believe you me, Lagos is a large city.

The flight went well. We only experienced turbulence once. We had a smooth landing in Port Harcourt. But the arrival lounge was embarrassing. Wet and made of white tents. The arrival lounge building is still under construction. We then went into Port Harcourt and booked rooms in a hotel in the government reserved area of the city. The foreign expatriates have left the city in droves and that has depleted the income in the state. The night life in Port Harcourt still exists though.

Arik Air
Arik Air

We than went to Yenegoa, Bayelsa state via the famous east-west road which I learnt was still under construction. The journey was smooth. After our meeting at the NCDMB office in yenegoa, we went straight back to the Port Harcourt airport and we arrived 30 minutes before our flight scheduled time which was meant for 5pm. This time again, our flight was delayed from 5 to 8.45 pm. The departure lounge was manageable but it had no air conditioners. The security checks was strict. You had to take off your shoes and belts and any metallic objects in your possession and pass to the electronic barrier. You would go through this procedure again even if you had to use the gents.

We had to wait till 8.45 pm to board our plane, an aerp 360 jet. I sat at the back of the plane and my airs nearly got burst due to the noise from the engines. Again Lagos was a beautiful sight at night. Well lit. The view when landing was fantastic. We had a save landing and I was lucky to get a quick cab home late that night and I thank God for a smooth journey. But next time, I hope to take a vacation to a place more exotic and affordable. I think the government should introduce a travel or vacation allowance, to allow Nigerians to travel more. What do you think?

Cheta Okorafor

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