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It’s been a week now since The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ( leaked over 15 million financial documents to the press, of rich and powerful individuals, politicians, celebrities and world leaders stashing huge sums of money in Panama’s tax free zone (tax heaven). I don’t have anything against stashing your money in countries you don’t pay tax, as long as you worked for it. But politicians who moved funds belonging to their states or countries, are criminals. I still don’t know why people should pay tax especially in countries like Nigeria were the government doesn’t provide any basic amenities for her people, even when the people pay for everything and still pay VAT on all items.

But I find it funny though. I think it is another plan by the western powers to ridicule their non western powers like China and Russia. Since Edward Snowden leaked secret NSA papers and then he ran off to Russia and Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, who is still holed up the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the United States and Britain have done everything to rubbish Putin, the Russian president. Sure when the news broke on BBC, the first powerful leader to be mentioned was Putin as usual.

The #panamagate or #panamapapers has claimed it’s first victim when the Prime Minister of Iceland resigned from office. It has quietened down a bit now since it has claimed it’s first victim.

Iceland Prime Minister bends his head in shame after he announced his retirement from office last week.
Iceland Prime Minister bends his head in shame after he announced his retirement from office last week.

Nigeria has it’s own leaders mentioned in the scandal, from current senate president, Bukola Saraki to the former senate president, David Mark, former minister of defense Theophillus Danjuma and now a christian pastor T.B Joshua. Nothing will come out of all these. Only countires with tructures will deal with their defaulters, others like Nigeria won’t but I hope President Buhari would do something about it.

Read more about the #panamapapers here;

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