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disrespectful wife

Gone are the days women and girls had respect for the men in their lives. These days, a girl can so downgrade a boy if he dares as much approach her. If they eventually have a relationship, the odds are ten to one for that lady involved to respect her man. Unfortunately, Nigerian women are more interested in men who can meet their daily needs. They are more interested in having a man who owns the latest tv set, with sound system and a dstv decoder so they can sit and watch Africa Magic all day. He must also have a car and a big flat so that they can invite their girlfriends and they will sit and chat all day about how good the guy is to their friends and tell her how lucky she is and all that, while the dude is working his arse off to impress the girl. When he closes for work, he will buy her sharwama on his way back. Young ladies now at days want more favors from their man and when they don’t get it, they become more disrespectful towards the man.

Recently, Tiwa Savage had a misunderstanding with her husband Tee Bliz, who wanted to commit suicide. The husband rashly accused his wife of committing adultery on instagram, while Tiwa foolishly replied back on a video interview. A couple should know that you do not wash your dirty linen outside, unless you want people to criticize how clean or dirty your linen are? They won’t take sides but they sure will tear you apart! Also, wife battering incidents has increased. A former banker wife was found dead in her home with her husband no were to be seen. He just recently walked into the offices of the police in Alausa, Ikeja and he claims that his wife had been cheating on him. She is dead now and she can’t defend herself. I do not support wife battering of any sort. If my wife cheats on me, I will cheat on her or I just walk out of the relationship. Some spouses drive their mates insane. Men who cheat on their wives, wives who cheat on their husbands, it’s just a vicious circle!

Respect is reciprocal. If a lady needs favors from her man, she should respect him. If a man needs favors from his woman, he too should care for her needs. They should respect each other. Ladies, you need to hold your tongues. Just because you are proud, that don’t mean you should keep your tongue in check!

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