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Trevor Noah’s Pizza Joke on Nigeria

So Trevor Noah made a joke about Nigerians importing pizza from the UK on the Daily Show. As usual, Nigerians didn’t agree with him on that.

Trevor Noah

I think that joke was a good joke. Boobs don’t pay for Pepperoni. That got me. And his mimicking the Nigerian way of speaking english or intonation really got me. He really did his research there. He is one hell of a comic/comedian.

Audu Ogbeh

Last week the minister of agriculture claimed that rich Nigerians travelled to the United Kingdom to import pizza. Either he was misquoted because Nigerian journalists only care for what they get in return for the news they publish or sell. But I think the minister was just being stupid. Why would Nigerians travel to the UK to buy pizza when we have Dominos Pizza all over the place.

As Trevor Noah said, why go to the UK when you can travel to the birth place of pizza, which is Italy? Check the response of Nigerians on twitter below.

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