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An Igbo Man Must Be President in 2023

South Eastern Nigeria

The 2019 general elections have been held, won and lost, some have gone to the tribunals to challenge the victory of those who won but the challenge we have now is that the race for the 2023 presidential elections has started in earnest.

During the campaigns for the elections in 2019, the minister for power, works and housing, Raji Fashola, instructed Yoruba people to vote for Buhari and have the opportunity to have a Yoruba man as the president of Nigeria in 2023. This instruction was also given by vice president Osinbajo to his Yoruba kinsmen.

Since then several people have indicted interests in running for the presidency. Northerners included. Rochas Okoroacha, the governor of Imo State, told Igbos not to expect any appointments from the Buhari administration and that Igbos do not stand a chance to occupy the presidential sit in Aso Rock in 2023.

Well this is my view on the matter, in 2023, an Igbo or Niger Delta man or woman must become the president of this country. If that does not happen, then the people of the former eastern region in Nigeria have a right to decide not to remain in this conception called Nigeria.

The yoruba are a selfish tribe, the have the vice presidential slot and now they want the speakership position in the House of Representatives. Is that not selfishness, even after the APC got up to 25% stolen votes from the South Eastern and Niger Delta states. The South East and Niger Delta states are supposed to have the seat of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

If the resources from the former Eastern region is enough to sustain the whole country, then they deserve to have a shot at the presidency. Now we know that other regions use their resources for themselves, it is about time we demand restructuring and resource control.


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