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Get People to Share Your Content Online

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Are you worried that people don’t share your write ups or posts on your blog, website and social media feeds? Do you hope that they do so? Content that isn’t shared on social media platforms and blogs/websites are like advertisements or commercials that no one wants to see. Therefore it might as well not exist in the first place. So how do you ensure your content doesn’t sink into the depths of obscurity? How do you find the magic formula to achieve social shares and referral traffic?

First of all and most importantly, you need to know that there is no magic formula. A technically sound content doesn’t deliver ROI (Return on Investments) if no one shares it. ROI for content is easy to measure. It starts with shares and ends in leads.

So how do you build content people want to share?

First, you need to determine what your audience wants. For any niche, there is an audience. What does your audience look like? What do they value? Develop customer personas and think about what they value. Think broadly. Are you marketing to other professionals and catering to their business needs or are you marketing to a community? Knowing the difference between B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) marketing and sales will help you in developing the type of content you will develop.

You can learn about your audience with the following:

  • Website analytics: this reveals how visitors get to your site, which keywords bring them there and how long they stay.
  • Team input: your team members can have valuable insight on your target audience from their own experiences.
  • Social media: social media listening is huge when it comes to figuring out buyer personas and what your audience likes to share.
  • Surveys and interviews of customers: your existing customers are your most valuable asset for identifying your target audience as you will be creating content they want to share with their friends.

But you need to ask yourself if creating useful content that helps solve problems necessarily gets a ton of shares? To make content truly shareable, you need to harness the “purple cow”. People know that there can never be a real cow that is purple in color but even when they see it, they will tell others about it. So you need to grab the attention of your audience and using images and videos can help you in doing just that. It has been proven that people get more attracted to content online through videos and pictures than they do with written content

You can also use online tools to create shares. Shareaholic is one of such tools. It makes it easier for you to enable sharing on your blog. It also offers social analytics and content promotion. You can create a shareable image to go with your posts and use an app like Shareaholic to make them easy for people to share on sites like Pinterest.

Google Trends can be used to identify content that’s trending in Google search engine as well as YouTube content. You can then adjust category and location based on your aim. Identifying search trends helps you narrow down ideas for content people will want to share right now.

Social Rank helps you identify and rank your Twitter and Instagram followers in terms of importance. Then you can filter through and reach out to the most important followers, the ones who you expect to share your content.

You can also craft content based on what your, most important followers have shown they like to share by using the tool Tweriod. This tool helps you figure out the best time to tweet to the best people and when your posts are likely to shares.

Then there are the tools that can help you create traffic. Of these, Social Locker and Gleam Competitions make the most sense.

Social Locker asks people to share in order to gain access to content. So, if you have a white paper, e-book or supplementary study that goes with a really compelling piece of content, you can use Social Locker to generate shares.

People love competitions, which is where Gleam Competitions comes in. Say you start a contest or giveaway, on social media, Gleam Competitions is a plugin through which you can manage the competition, collect emails and give people rewards for sharing.

It won’t matter what tools you use if you aren’t creating content that is valuable to your audience. So go out there and create one now!

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