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Making Nigeria a Safe Place

Map of Nigeria with the 36 States

Nigeria is experiencing it’s worst moment since the civil war ended in 1970. The country is unsafe. Records released by the National Bureau of Statistics states that over 1000 people have been killed in 2019 alone. This is just the tip of the iceberg because more people have been murdered and no one has any record of that. This is a country that likes to reduce the actual number of deaths recorded to protect the political party in power. The Buhari led government believes that corruption is the worst problem we have as a country. Actually, tribalism and the bad economy are the problems we fail to recognize as the worst problems. I am a Nigerian and I come from the Igbo tribe from the South Eastern part of the country. Recently I posted an article about an Igbo man becoming president in 2023 and I was attacked by some people who read the article. Some of them blocked me from WhatsApp. Some insulted me on Instagram. These people weren’t Igbo, so you can imagine the hatred of a particular tribe in Nigeria.

We need to eradicate tribalism in Nigeria. We do not have the political will to do so. We just had an election in 2019. The people who they declared as the winners of the 2019 presidential elections are yet to be sworn in, the tribunal hasn’t passed their judgement and we have some politicians from the South Western parts of the country, revealing their evil interests to become president in 2023. The Yoruba have had a shot as president from 1999 to 2007 and the Igbos have not. I will be deemed as a tribalist but this is an injustice of the highest order. Why can’t an Igbo man become president in this country? If we really need to get rid of tribalism in Nigeria we must accept the rotational presidential system and allow the tribes, especially those who form the minority groups, have a shot to be president.

President Muhammadu Buhari

Most importantly we need to create jobs to keep Nigerians, most importantly the youths, engaged. The economy is not doing well. Investors aren’t investing in Nigeria because the current president chased these investors out of the country with his unpredictive statements. The interest rate is high at 28%. Even economists know that we can’t keep the interest that high. It has been predicted that we will enter another recession next year when we are just coming out of one. We need to reduce the interest rate, encourage businessmen and women and young entrepreneurs to create new businesses and job opportunities. We need to stop this foolishness in bringing foreign investors. They do not know our country. We can do this but we need to reduce the interest rate, ensure Nigerians with genuine business ideas that have value have access to funds. The Nigerian economy needs to be privatized. The government can’t do it alone. All sectors of the economy need to be privatized. The government needs to govern the nation and ensure that the rule of law is respected. They need to secure the nation. We need new roads, seaports from Lagos to Calabar, airports in all state capitals and new railroads linking all state capitals. We need to industrialize the country. We can do this by making sure that 70% of our agricultural and mineral products are processed or refined in Nigeria. That is how we create jobs. These industries will need people to do the work and manage them.

Seriously, does President Buhari have any ideas on how to provide solutions to our problems? Isn’t it funny that the president allowed his vice or deputy to manage the economy? Isn’t the president supposed to be in control of the government? Where is the president? In London again and he intends to extend his stay again. We are doomed. Welcome to the next level.

30 thoughts on “Making Nigeria a Safe Place

  1. I am so sorry Nigeria has to go through this. It is so scary and crazy even nowadays people can’t just live in peace and go for this!

  2. Every country has issues of themselves in there own ways. However, your point of view is very interesting.

  3. I was unaware of what is going on in Nigeria. Thank you for providing this information.

  4. I learned a lot about Nigeria and about the current issues. I never knew that there are troubled times in this country. I hope that someone, either in the political system or just the normal Joe, can make good changed for the future.

  5. Wow I had no knowledge of this issue prior to reading your article. Thank you for educating me on your culture and what can be done.

  6. I heard that Nigeria had some issues but I couldn’t imagine it like this. I pray for things to turn around soon.

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