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This Video is Absolutely Poor in Quality

Chike featuring Ric Hassani – Nakupenda

This song by Chike, who features Ric Hassani, titled Nakupenda, is a great song. But the pictures from the video are really poor. The video isn’t sharp. For me, the video didn’t make justice to such a lovely song. I suggest Chike demands a refund from the individual who shot the video.

Nakupenda is a Swahili word and it means I love you or I like you. I like the fact that the singer is a Nigerian and he is trying to attract fans from Eastern Africa who speak the language.

Chike and Ric Hassani

The scenes from the video are perfectly scripted and I believe he needs to re-shoot the video or edit it again. The current video is terrible. It needs to sharp.

What do you think? Is the video good? Do you like the song?

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