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My name is Cheta Okorafor and I am a blogger/writer. I was born on May 31st 1977. I love writing, watching documentaries in popular channels like BBC, national geographic and discovery channel. My favourite t.v show is the Game of Thrones. I love travelling and good food and beverages.

I am a christian and I am also single. I

MY BLOG was supposed to be a business and lifestyle online blog but I decided to make the blog about my views on major news and events. I will also use the blog to write about the things I like doing, which are travelling, eating, reading, watching movies and tv shows and other things that interest me such as, fashion, technology, business, politics, religion, entertainment, sports, business and lifestyle.

I will also use my blog to reveal the unique business opportunities that exist in Nigeria and Africa.

Young people in Nigeria believe that there is a fast lane to wealth and fame. I will identify small business owners and showcase what they do on a daily basis to run their businesses, hoping that Nigerian youths will see that there is only one way to wealth and fame, which is handwork and perseverance.


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